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Law firms that specialize in business-related disputes are passionate about their work. Businesses may sue other companies for various reasons, and these lawsuits are referred to as business litigation. In this sense, “business litigation” refers to a broad category of legal proceedings, including business-related disputes.

A commercial litigation lawyer represents clients in commercial litigation, both for and against them. They are valuable in complex disputes. The best commercial litigation lawyers also guide clients through the litigation process and are proficient in the courtroom.

Commercial disputes involve the relevant legal issues and the relationship between the lawyers and their clients. Because they must represent their clients while also speaking to them, commercial litigation lawyers must have both the ability to understand their clients’ goals and objectives and the skill to present them in court. They must do an excellent job for their clients. Otherwise, the stakes in commercial litigation cases can be very high, and the client can lose everything.

A Commercial Litigation Lawyer’s Role

A commercial litigation lawyer works with his client to evaluate the evidence and apply the law to that evidence. For example, a commercial litigation lawyer would assess the evidence and determine whether or not his client should bring a lawsuit. The lawyer would also assist in drafting the complaint and represent his client in court. 

In most commercial litigation cases, the lawyer also helps his client prepare their case for trial. This includes helping the client build the case and advising if the case goes to trial. The lawyer works with the client to develop a plan for any possible scenarios to ensure their client’s success.

Commercial litigation cases usually require the legal opinion of a lawyer. Commercial litigation lawyers advise their clients whether people view their actions as legal or illegal. Commercial litigation attorneys may represent both sides in a dispute or advocate only for one side.

Areas of Disputes That Need Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Businesses may have to take legal action to protect their interests and assets, such as filing a lawsuit. Examples of commercial disputes include:

Contract Disputes

Businesses have a legal obligation to fulfill the terms agreed to in the contract unless the contract explicitly states that they may change the terms of the agreement in certain situations. Parties to a contract can take their dispute to a small claims court if the conflict is not worth more than a certain amount of money or a Federal court if the dispute is worth more than that amount of money. Disputes can include disputes over the terms of a contract, problems obtaining the performance of the agreement, and disputes over the performance of the contract.

Product Liability Disputes

Product liability and commercial litigation can occur when business people sell defective products. These defective products can cause serious injuries or even death. 

Wrongful Termination and Discrimination Claims

If an employer fires an employee for illegal reasons, the employee can sue for wrongful termination. Wrongful termination can include termination based on an employee’s race, age, disability, gender, and religion. Termination can also be called unlawful if the company fired the employee for refusing to do something illegal, such as fire another employee or embezzling company funds.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract cases involves a business failing to perform to the letter of a contract. The contract violation could result from a failure to provide goods or services or pay another company.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

In breach of fiduciary duty, a person failed to uphold their confidence in the relationship with another. This can occur when a legal entity’s trustee (a fiduciary) acts contrary to the principal’s interests.

There are many shades of gray here for prosecutors, and fraud, abuse of power, and breaches of duty in commercial relationships are not always clear-cut. The above is a general overview; business litigation lawyers must constantly evaluate relevant facts and apply the correct laws.


Commercial litigation lawyers are valuable assets to any business that needs to resolve legal disputes. These lawyers effectively represent clients and are experts at managing and resolving commercial issues. 

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