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Civil rights are the freedoms that citizens of a country are given. They often include the right to vote, take care of your health, education, and other key things. Being a resident of the United States, you are entitled to these civil rights and their protection.

However, there may be times when injustices may occur, and there are people who may take advantage of others’ rights. In the case that you feel like injustices have been done to you, you must know if there’s a case or not. In this article, we discuss civil rights violations and what you can do about them.

What Is a Civil Rights Violation?

The answer will vary depending on the jurisdiction and the specifics of the alleged civil rights violation, but usually, a civil rights violation is an act that deprives an individual of their constitutional rights.

What Are Examples of Civil Rights Violations?

Civil rights violations take many forms. When we talk about civil rights violations, we are actually talking about human rights violations. Civil rights violations can be extensive, and there are many types of these that exist in the United States and around the world. The different types of civil rights violations include, but are not limited to:

1. Denial of Employment

When a person is denied employment because of their gender identity, sex, or race, this is an example of a civil rights violation. A person should not be denied employment other than for the reason that they are not qualified in terms of skills.

2. Inaccessible Facilities

When an establishment’s facilities are not made to accommodate people with disabilities, such as not having disabled parking spaces or wheelchair ramps, then this may be grounds for a civil rights violation. 

3. Refusal of Service

Another common type of civil rights violation is when restaurants or any other establishment refuses to serve a person due to their gender identity, sex, or race. Establishments should be required to serve anyone and everyone as long as it is possible.

4. Workplace Sexual Harassment

If you are at work and someone makes sexual advances, asks for sexual favors, or makes sexual remarks about you, this is workplace sexual harassment—which is a form of civil rights violation. People should be able to feel safe and have the ability to work peacefully in the workplace.

5. Unlawful Housing Displacement

If you are being forcibly evicted from your homes through various means, such as threats or interference with utilities, then your civil rights are being violated. Regardless if it is your landlord who does so, as long as it is done so unlawfully, then you have every right to be protected and brought to justice.

What Do I Do If My Civil Rights are Violated?

If you feel like your civil rights are being violated, you should speak to an experienced civil rights attorney. Let them know of the entire situation and make sure to tell every detail. They will be able to help with your case and assist you throughout the entire process.


While it may seem scary, you should not be afraid to speak up about any civil rights violations that you experience. Just make sure to talk with a professional attorney to get you the proper help that you need.

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