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Malpractice claims are serious. If you or a loved one were a victim, it is crucial to follow the process in filing a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Before you search for a medical malpractice lawyer online, you need to know what misdiagnosis is and what qualifies as such. Misdiagnosis happens when a doctor gives their patient the wrong medical diagnosis instead of the actual medical condition. This can lead to an error, delay, or failure in treatment.

Certain situations can lead to a medical malpractice claim, and they are:

  • When a medical facility loses your medical record 
  • When a medical practitioner administers the wrong treatment
  • When a medical practitioner gives you a misdiagnosis due to negligence such as misinterpretation of lab results and failure to screen you for medical conditions

In addition, you must provide documentation or evidence that your doctor, nurse, or medical practitioner violated the standard of care. The following section will be your guide to explore this further.

The Common Types of Misdiagnosis

Many misdiagnoses happen, but here are the most common ones. If cancer is misdiagnosed, it can lead to invasive and costly therapies. Lupus, which is another life-threatening condition, is misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia.

When young adults exhibit symptoms of a heart attack, it is usually misdiagnosed either as a panic attack or indigestion. Common ailments such as asthma are often misdiagnosed as bronchitis. Also, serious conditions such as stroke can be misdiagnosed as headaches or brain tumors.

As for the most common misdiagnosed pregnancy complication, it is ectopic pregnancy. Meanwhile, patients can also receive misdiagnoses for endometriosis in the form of other gynecological disorders due to the shared symptoms. 

Ways to Prove a Misdiagnosis

Before proceeding with litigation, you need to know that not all diagnostic mistakes are grounds for a medical malpractice case. You must prove several things to hold a medical practitioner or facility accountable. First, you need to demonstrate their medical negligence.

It would be best if you showed a wrong diagnosis and your medical practitioner violated the proper standard of care. Second, you have to provide evidence showing you suffered damages. Examples include being subjected to invasive treatment and experiencing delays that made you incur additional medical expenses.

Lastly, you need to prove causation. The damage you have suffered must be directly related to your misdiagnosis. Your medical malpractice lawyer will orient you with the procedure, which can help support your litigation.

What You Need to Know

Know that you are aware of the necessary actions you need to file a medical malpractice case; you also have to know several things. Doing so can help you make the right decisions with your pending litigation.

Statutes of limitations exist. Regarding medical malpractice claims, the statute of limitations generally runs for two to six years. However, they vary depending on the state you live in.

Also, when you have proceeded with your medical malpractice case, you will need the expert testimony of another medical practitioner in the same field. Ask your medical malpractice lawyer for help concerning these instances.

Ending Note

As you have seen in the article, it is crucial that you know what constitutes a misdiagnosis. The information here will help you understand the situation better. A misdiagnosis can be a serious matter, which is why you need to file a claim immediately.

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